The Business Card Video Brochure a pocket sized wonder

The Business Card Video Brochure leave something awesome behind after a meeting

Sure it’s small, but wow right? I mean how fantastic does it look? Imagine you’ve just been to a meeting or met someone at an event and exhibition and hand them one of our Business Card Video Brochures with your print and video on them.

It’s guaranteed to ensure your business is remembered long after your meeting. They’re great for direct mail and so much more, it’s cost effective and striking.

Which is what you want right?

Options available for the Business Card Video Brochure

Business Card Video Brochure Memory

Just because it’s small it doesn’t mean it will have a small memory. In fact it has the same memory capacity as our other Video Brochure solutions:

128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB & 8GB.

Business Card Video Brochure Screen

As the unit is small, well the size of a business card in fairness you really only have one option in terms of screen size.

The Business Card Video Brochure has a screen size of 2.4 inches.

No Buttons 🙁

Sadly you cant have buttons on the Business Card Video Brochure due it’s size. What do you want blood?

It’s designed to be compact and without distraction, so rasp.

The Business Card Video Brochure – mini marketing

Small and perfectly formed the Business Card Video Brochure comes in at 90mm length by 50mm height, it’s compact with a 2.4 inch screen and the ultimate way to ensure you’re remembered long after an event or meeting. Business cards are great, don’t get us wrong, we just made them even better.

How does it work? Well the Business Card itself works upon opening of the unit itself the video plays straight away (see the video of what we mean). It comes with a 128MB memory (80MB usable) and features a full colour print in either a mat laminate or mat gloss finish.

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Like what you see? Want this little wonder in your pocket? Or are you excited at the prospect of handy it out to clients?

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