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World Vision Video Brochure Project

Video Brochures UK, was tasked with coming up with an innovative way to capture potential sponsors for a leading charity that works with refugee children. World Vision UK wanted a way to position the work they do to sponsors as well as showing how their sponsorship money is used for the betterment of a child’s life.

With that task in mind Video Brochures UK worked in conjunction with World Vision to create something unique and memorable. They wanted something that a sponsor would receive and show others what they have done, something that others who are not sponsors would see and want to get involved with World Vision UK themselves.

A Custom Built Video Brochure

The above picture shows an A5 Video Brochure in portrait with two buttons (volume up / down) a 2.8 inch screen, front perforated speaker and inside front page pocket. Why an inside front pocket? Well World Vision wanted to add a human touch with a flyer inside with information about the child being sponsored.

Information such as name, location and more, the video content was also tailored to cover the individual child with them saying hello and who they are.

The front of the video brochure itself has a hidden section (see above) where by a picture of the child can be added, again to add a human touch to the pack itself. It also helped reduced costs and ensured the project was within budget and interchangeable.

In House Video Brochure Memory Duplication

As the project is incredibly unique Video Brochures UK (thanks to it’s in house memory duplication service) were able to duplicate and load unique videos to each and every single video brochure pack. Meaning that when a sponsor signs up to World Vision they are given unique information relevant to a specific child that they will write to and sponsor meaning sponsors have a real connection to the child in question.

If you would like to visit World Vision and learn more about the fantastic work they do please see World Vision UK here.

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