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A leading fuel dispensing equipment manufacturer Tokheim looked for an innovative way to engage with there customers.

Of course as usual Video Brochures UK were on hand to help them deliver on innovation.

This Video Brochure project was a little different from others we have been involved in. For a start there were 17 videos that needed detailing. Highlighting the clients services and products.

Through consultation we agreed on the following specification to fit there needs. An A5 Video Brochure, with a 4.3 inch screen and 1GB memory which adequately fit the bill.

The Video Brochure itself had a next and previous button to allow skipping through the 17 videos. Thus giving the intended recipients a real showcase of what the company itself offers.

Goals: Promotion of our products and services in an innovative way – a platform for our newly produced collection of videos – memorable gift for our customers and partners – modern approach to merchandising

Due to the videos and being of the quality they were we had a pre-production sample made for client approval (see video to right). This gave the client a guide to the overall aesthetics as per their request.

The videos were uploaded using our in-house duplication service and error checked to ensure video playback on each and every card.

The project saw an initial order for 100 Video Brochures then a further order for 300 to be utilised.

The first order of 100 was handed out to our customers as gifts at the international exhibition in Germany, while the second order of 300 will be distributed internally to our sales divisions across the world and used for promotional purposes locally.

Obviously the leading question is would Tokheim recommend Video Brochures UK and use our Video Brochure service again? Yes and yes was the response.

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