Video Brochures FAQ everything you ever wanted to know.
(But were afraid to ask.)

Video Brochures. Knowledge is power

Here you will find all the most commonly asked questions regarding Video Brochures. It’s broken down into easy to understand segments, meaning you are better equipped to make decisions on whether or not Video Brochures are right for your business.

Think of this as a guide if you will in your path to using our Video Brochure solution!

Cue the Video Brochure FAQ!

Q. How do your Video Brochures work upon opening the card?

A. All our brochures have a magnetic sensor which triggers the video to play upon opening the Video Brochure.

Q. How long do the Video Brochures take to charge?

A. Typically each card will take 2-3 hours for a full battery (this depends on the battery size).

Q. I don’t want auto start of my Video is that possible?

A. If you do not require your video to start upon opening the Video Brochure and want the users to press a button to initiate the video we can do that.

A simple button that effectively works as an on/off button will be added.

Q. What sort of screen sizes are available?

A. Our brochures come in a variety of screen sizes. They are as follows: 2.4 inch, 2.8 inch, 3.5, 4.3, 5, 7 inch and lastly 10 inch.

With each screen size this will affect the overall size of the Video Brochure in mind. Don’t worry we will advise you on this.

Q. What sizes are available of your Video Brochures?

A. Traditionally a lot of people elect for the A5 Video Brochure, however we do have them in A4, 5 X7 and even Business Card sized!

Quick note, just because a Video Brochure size is not listed it does not mean we cannot do it.

Q. Can I load the videos to the Video Brochures myself?

A. Yes you can. We usually do it at upon the building of the cards themselves. However if you wanted to add videos unique to a prospect or presentation on an ad hoc basis you can.

We can advise you of video formatting and what you can expect when loading yourself.

Q. Can I prevent others stealing my video content on the Video Brochure?

A. Yes. If the content is sensitive in a ‘for your eyes only’ way we can password protect the video content so no one can take the video off of the brochure itself.

Q. How do the Video brochures charge?

A. The brochures can be charged by Micro and Mini USB cables. It depends on the type of card as to the type of USB cable.

We can provide the appropriate cables upon request. Just in case you are staggering sending your brochures out or want to stock pile them. Just to ensure they have a full charge upon sending/presenting to clients.

Q. Can I have full colour print throughout the Video Brochure?

A. Yes, we will provide you with templates needed for the appropriate brochure in question.

We will work with you and advise you on the best possible finish of your Video Brochure.

Q. What if I need to change the video at the last minute?

A. This has happened before! We have had customers who made some last minute changes to there video when the project was delivered into us.

Thankfully our in-house data duplication facility managed to upload a new video with minimum fuss.

*Charges may apply for last minute changes to video content.

Q. Do you offer specialist print finishing, such as foil blocking?

A. Yes, we have recently completed a project for a client who elected for silver foil blocking on certain elements of the Video Brochure itself.

Q. Can I have a different shape Video Brochure?

A. Yes! If you wanted to have a circular Video Brochure this is possible. However a tooling charge would be in place to create something such as this.

Q. What type of print does your Video Brochures use?

A. All of our Video Brochures are offset litho printed. This ensures a quality finish every time.

We also offer matt gloss and a wealth of other print finishes for Video Brochures, just ask us 😉

Q. What loads up first when you open a Video Brochure?

A. We have the ability load the Video Brochures with your logo. Your logo needs to be in the format of a JPG. Your video would then play after your logo has been displayed.

Or not. Whatever you need really, you don’t have to have your logo upon opening of the Video Brochures.

Q. Can I have custom inserts and designs?

A. Yes. We can make your Video Brochure in a variety of different ways. See below for a few ways you could do it:

  • Video Brochure in a presentation box
  • Custom inserts for leaflets/literature of your choice
  • Custom stands a pop out stand to act as a point of sale
  • Anything else you need it to do!
Q. What’s the standard battery life after a full charge?

A. Around 80 minutes. However please do bear in mind the video would need to play continuously play for 80 mins to wear the battery down. Due to the nature of the brochures and how long they are open for.

Basically this means 80 mins of battery life could last ages if the card is being used fleetingly for presentations and such.

Q. Can you have different buttons on the Video Brochures for play, pause etc?

A. Yes. In fact due to the custom nature of the brochures and their ability to be designed how you need them. Support for different buttons and layout of buttons is entirely possible.

Q. Can I have more than one video on a Video Brochure?

A. Yes, yes you can indeed. Have multiple videos? No problem we can even tie function buttons to display specific videos at your request.

Q. Is it just video content on the Video Brochures?

A. Our Video Brochures work the same way as memory products. So if you have PDFs or other files these can be accessible via plugging the Video Brochure into a desktop or laptop via USB.

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