Video Brochure marketing ideas

Here we go through some potentially excellent uses of Video Brochures as a marketing tool.

You yourself more than likely work in marketing and are looking for new ways to innovate and generate leads/interest for your brand/business.

Really the LCD Video Brochures are not just limited to the suggestions below, perhaps you have your own ideas?

Either way take a look, you never know we might even give you a spark of imagination for your business!

Video Brochures. Knowledge is power


Recruitment Video Brochures

Video Brochure Marketing for Recruitment Companies. Perhaps you run a recruitment business and have some top prospect businesses you would like to approach?

Engaging businesses, especially with reference to recruitment can be a difficult thing to do.

Phone calls and being the 50th call of the day offering recruitment services or indeed the 100th email of the day you will no doubt have hit a wall and no new business opportunities.

However if you took a step back what could you do to get through to key prospects and sell your company?

Aside from turning up on their doorstep unexpectedly and being turfed out by some burly security guards there aren’t that many options.

Or are there?

Well imagine recording a video explaining who you are and why you’re different perhaps pepper it with some customer testimonials.

Now imagine putting that video on to a Video Brochure and direct mailing your top prospect contact. The result? We’ll leave that to your imagination.

Sales Reps

Sales Representative Brochures

Video Brochure Marketing for Sales RepsHave a field sales team? Perhaps you have equipped them with iPads to demo your product or service.iPads are awesome we have some in the office.

However you can’t exactly leave an iPad with a client to influence their buying decision can you? No not really.

Cue Video Brochures.

Why not equip your field sales team with Video Brochures. If they are having a tough time sealing a deal and need to walk away and let them mull it over. Leave them a Video Brochure increase your chances of winning the business.

Imagine your potential client has lots of sales reps visiting them

What’s the one thing that you can do (apart from give the pitch of a life time) to ensure you’re company is remembered above the competition.

What’s the one thing that you can do to ensure your business gets mentioned for the right reasons long after you have left the meeting. Video Brochures.

Imagine your brochure being handed around your potential clients office with lots of ooooing and ahhhhing.

Now picture yourself as the client

Out of 15 sales rep visits, one leaves you with a Video Brochure detailing the company and services. Which one would you remember the most?


Exhibition Video Brochures

Video Brochure Marketing for Exhibition standsRunning an exhibition stand can be a daunting task. How do you attract people to your stand, what time do you need to arrive to set up and so on. Well you can read this handy guide to running an exhibition stand here could go someway to help you on this.

How do you engage exhibition stand visitors?

If you find people are turning away when you stride over to meet them (which does happen) there is one thing you can do to address this.

Why not slide in armed with a Video Brochure and let the brochure do the work. Strike up a conversation and allow your potential customer have a hand held medium showing your company.

How about a Business Video Card Brochure?

You read that right. Want something novel to give to high profile prospects? Well how about using our business card sized Video Brochure.

Fully printed with your company branding and short video makes this the ideal tool to give to attendees you see value in.

What happens when an exhibition attendee gets back to their office?

Well what do you think is going to be the first thing they do? Of course they are going to show others your branded Business Card Video Brochure.

Office staff will be all over it and you will ultimately be remembered. As will your business.

Marketing Agencies

Video Brochures for marketing agencies

Video Brochure Marketing For Marketing agenciesWork in the heady world of marketing? Have an enviable client base? Trying to put together a pitch for a new key account?

Think Video Brochure marketing

Why not position our Video Brochure solution to your new clients or in-fact your existing ones as a new way to reach out to their end clients.

With full colour print throughout and your whizz bang super awesome video idea the two together would be unstoppable!

Existing Customers

Video Brochure marketing for key accounts

Perhaps you have a large client base and have lost touch with some accounts. Perhaps their business is now growing at you’re potentially losing out on a potential key account.

No need to worry

If email and phone calls are failing and you know the contact is still their why not send them a Video Brochure personalised to the individual?

Your message in their hands

Your contact receives a Video Brochure via direct mail (we can also do this for you if you like!) opens it up and voila, your face greets them with some reasons why they should revisit your company. The video ends with your email address and phone number.

The contact calls and you have just retained and nurtured an account.

Product Launches

Product launches using Video Brochures

Well you definitely could use our Video Cards/Brochures for a new product or indeed service launch. Your potential audience will take more notice of one of our brochures than a traditional print one.

Imagine your audience

Imagine them deathly quiet whilst you hand out your Video Brochures. Give them time to digest them. Let the video end with a leading question.

Then present to them. You know what?

You have their undivided attention.

These are our ideas on Video Brochure marketing, what are yours?

There are quite literally a hundreds of ways to use our Video Brochures. These Video Brochure marketing ideas really just scratch the surface.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you at the very least give you some indication of the merits of using our solution. Only you know for sure if Video Brochures are right for your brand or business.

Have a potential use for our Brochures? Want to speak to a member of our team and find out more them?

Then by all means pick up the phone and dial 01793 863901 we are on hand to help your business get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

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