The Video Brochure process

A lot of thought goes into your Video Brochure. We like to ensure you have everything you want and need to ensure the timely delivery of your Video Brochure project.

As the Video Brochures are hand built and built to your specifications some may feel a little overwhelmed by the process.

It could not be easier, here at VBUK we understand what you need and make recommendations based on your requirements.

It all starts with you.

Sounds kind of corny granted, however it quite literally starts with you and your business. We deal with a wealth of companies from small to large businesses as well as design agencies/marketing agencies and more.

Whatever business you’re in we will work with you to ensure you get results. So first things first what do you want to achieve? What are the Brochures going to be used for?

Through ascertaining you needs we are then armed with knowledge to make an informed opinion on which Video Brochure is right for you.

Working for you not against you

Once we have your specification through consultation the next stage is to put together an eye catching design for your Brochure.

We can advise you on print specifications, templates and any additional extras you may need. Such as button configuration, more than one video on the Brochure itself and much more.

Once we have everything we need, including your video (obviously!) we can then start the process of Video Brochure manufacture.

Kept in the loop every step of the way.

At Video Brochures UK we make it our mission to deliver on your expectations. We are constantly in contact to let you know progress on your Video Brochure.

The turnaround time of building a Video Brochure is dependent on the level of customisation required. It can vary from case to case. However again we are hand to advise you have expected delivery dates.

We will even send you a video of your Video Brochure complete with print and your video playing on your Video Brochure along with images of what it actually looks like.

Video Brochure completed or is it?

Well that’s it. Well not quite. VBUK will arrange delivery to the desired location or if you are using them as a direct mailer you might like to consider us fulfilling them for you.

We have worked with clients who wanted us to send the Video Brochures out on there behalf using our fulfilment service. It’s just another option available to you and your business.

Make the right choice on Video Brochures. Work with us.

Like the sound of the above? Want to work with a company that puts as much into your marketing project as you do?

One that actually focuses on results? Well if you like the sound of how we work at Video Brochures UK then why not get in touch on 01793 863901 today.

Let’s make your marketing project a reality.

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