Video Brochures For Wedding Photographers

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Video Brochures for Wedding Photographers and VideographersAnother day another whizzer of an idea here at Video Brochures UK. Well in truth this wasn’t technically our idea it was suggested by an interested party. It turns out they’re a wedding photographer.

The wedding photographer in question loved the idea of presenting video to his clients of their special day in a custom designed Video Brochure. Their exact words were it would be ‘an excellent coffee table memento of the big day in question.’

Want A Fantastic Must Have Product To Offer Your Customers?

There is no doubt that Video Brochures are becoming incredibly popular here in the UK, new areas are popping up all the time. On this occasion namely the usage of Video Brochures for wedding photographers and videographers. A great idea and one that is sure to catch on.

How Would It Work Though?

Picture (forgive the pun) the scene. A couple utilise your wedding service and want something a little different as a keepsake of the biggest day of their lives. Sure a standard beautifully bound wedding book full of pictures is a wonderful thing.

Now imagine a video of the big day in a custom Video Brochure loaded with JPG or PNG pictures of the big day. The client can watch there big day over and over again via the Video Brochure show friends and family and if they hooked up the brochure to a PC or laptop they could view the photos as well.

What Does This Mean For Clients?

Well your clients would have a keepsake that would create a talking point. An all in one solution that not only houses the wedding video but also the photos as well. The Video Brochure will be shown to anyone who even mentions the couple in questions big day.

What Does This Mean For Your Wedding Photography / Videography Business?

Once friends or family see the Video Brochure they will all unanimously ask who did that. This is the point your clients become your walking and talking sponsors spreading the word of the service you offered.

Why would they do that? Well for a start you offered a novel solution to their needs plus you gave them something that they can show to friends and family and get them engaged. Your quality wedding photos or video will speak for itself on our Video Brochures.

We’re Not Saying Replace The Traditional Wedding Brochure

This whole blog post on why Video Brochures for wedding photographers was not written as a you must use them dump print! It was born of an idea of a potential customer and in fairness our Video Brochures would make a perfect accompaniment to your wedding service portfolio.

Video Brochures For Wedding Photographers / Videographers – It’s An Idea Is All What Do You Think Of The Idea?

Well if you like the idea and it’s of interest you could request a quote from our Wedding Video Brochure Calculator thingy below. One of our more than capable team will be able to advise you on a plan of attack 😉

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