Video Brochures For Estate Agencies

Video Brochures For Real Estate & Estate Agents

How do you market a property? Well obviously you have a wealth of tools at your disposal. You have the web with property finder websites, your own website and of course traditional flyers, your windows and of course the good old fashioned phone call.

All great methods. Now imagine you have just bought on a client that wants you to go that extra mile. They want their property sold and they want it done yesterday.

What Other Ways Can You Sell A Property?

Well (yup you guessed it) why not showcase a property using our Video Brochures. Have clients that are looking for a specific property or perhaps you’re visiting a high profile buyer at their home and they want to see what you have on your books.

Sending a direct mail with a flyer or email is great. How do you peak the interest of your higher end buyers?

Imagine a selection of properties pre-loaded – (you can do this yourself due to the ease of use of the Brochures) now imagine showing them to your interested buyers, branded up with your logo. Sure beats displaying them in an iPad.

It creates a ‘WOW’ factor and engages your potential buyers, it will spark conversation about the Video Brochure and of course the properties shown in the videos.

Or why not take the brochure with you on a visit and show them other property videos similar to the one they are viewing?

You could always leave the Brochure with them to help them make a choice, which could lead to you sealing the deal with them moving forward. If all else fails what will they do with the Video Brochure?

Of course they are going to show it to their friends and amaze them, so your company brand will grow through innovation and could lead to more inquiries.

What Ways Can You Attract Customers To Sell With You?

You can adapt the same principle when showcasing homes to your buyers. Of course this would mean using a Video Brochure showing customer testimonials.

Now this is key, quality videos with customers extolling the virtues of using your estate agency and letting the potential client see the value in using your company.

Not only will they be impressed by your service and the reviews, they will more than likely use your company to market their home. Why?

Because you went that extra mile and was different from all the other companies out there.

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