Types Of Video Brochures Available

Video Brochures are a relatively new concept however as they become widely used they are constantly evolved. Not only do they come in a variety of screen sizes they also come in various physical sizes and shapes. They’re a cost effective way for brands and businesses to showcase their wares or to target prospects and generate leads.

Choosing the right Video Brochure for your business.

Choosing the right Video Brochure for your business may well seem like a daunting task especially if you are new to the product/concept.

No need to worry, here we will go through the types of Video Brochures you have at your disposal. As well as highlighting some potential uses for each card. Or you could take a look at our Video Brochure marketing ideas here.

So what types of Video Brochures are at your disposal?

A5 Video Brochure the popular choice

Well first up is the A5 Video Brochure. This tends to be our most popularsolution and is used by large corporate companies right through to small to medium business looking to stand out.

Versatile and with a wide array of options available in the manufacturing process this Brochure is the number one choice for those looking to market through the power of direct mail and video.

You can choose different button layouts, screen sizes, finish type and more. Want foil blocking for elements of your design or indeed logo? You got it. 

That’s the nature of Video Brochures they can be built how your business needs them to be built. Fit for your marketing purposes.

A4 Video Brochure – more print space for your brand

The A4 Video Brochure is for those who have something to say in the written word and indeed with the spoken word. With plenty of space for branding and text telling your story these brochures are another popular choice.

Again various screen sizes, button configurations and more are available. Ensuring that your Video Brochure gets made the way you want it.

Portrait and landscape orientation is available as there is with the A5 Video Brochure, the screen itself can be positioned (within reason) anywhere on the inside of the card.

A6 Video Brochure – small but perfectly formed

Need something smaller? Than the A6 Video brochure could be just the ticket. Small and lightweight this brochure is great for exhibitions and sales conferences.

Great for direct mail and so much more. Smaller than the A5 Video Brochure this elegant unit is designed to be minimal with a massive impact, sleek and stylish with various screen sizes and button configurations available.

Business Card Video Brochure – a pocket sized wonder

The Business Card Video Brochure is a real show stopper. Tiny in size (well the size of a business card) this Video Brochure is what can set you apart at client meetings.

Why not leave one of these Video Brochures after a meeting with a potential customer and be remembered for innovation.

Everyone bins business cards, these little beauties will be shown to others within a company. Think of all the people that could be viewing video content about your business? Sounds good right?

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